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Bronchoscopy unit

Performing airway examinations in one day!

The hospital of Riga East Clinical University Hospital “Gaiļezers” has a renovated, modernized Bronchoscopy cabinet in accordance with European standards, which is the only one in Latvia where outpatient examinations are performed within one day using sedation.

Head of bronchoscopy unit Ainars Zariņš

The bronchoscopy office performs diagnostic and medical manipulations. Here, equipment is available, with the help of which it is possible to detect lung cancer at an early stage, as well as to obtain accurate histological material, which helps in the choice of further treatment tactics. The office conducts examinations for both inpatient and outpatient patients.

Outpatients are examined within a day of short-term sedation and can return home after 2 hours. In this way, patients have the opportunity to receive qualified, professional help without being in hospital for a long time, as well as to reduce the cost of treatment. The bronchoscopy room is equipped with two observation (observation beds) for monitoring outpatients after the examinations.

In the bronchoscopy office it is possible to perform airway examinations for diagnostic purposes in cases of bronchial asthma, chronic lung diseases, inflammation and oncological processes, as well as to perform tuberculosis diagnostics. We perform airway lumen restoration and stent placement in cases of benign and malignant stenoses. Over time, the Bronchoscopy Office plans to perform pleural examination and control of pleural punctures under ultrasonoscopy, as well as care of tracheostomy patients.

The bronchoscopy cabinet is equipped with modern technologies – video and autoflouriscences bronchoscopes, which allow to clarify the location of histological material and help to detect cancer at an early stage using the autoflouriscences system. Argon plasma is used for airway reconstruction.

Payment system
The bronchoscopy cabinet performs state-paid manipulations for patients with a referral from a family doctor, as well as accepts patients with insurance policies and for full payment.

You can use an insurance policy to pay for the services