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In the out-patient department, assistance and consultations by specialists may be received by patients with consequences after injuries, orthopaedic diseases, formations in soft tissues and bones.

In the In-patent Department “Gaiļezers”, consultations are provided by traumatologists/orthopaedists Andris Vikmanis, Andris Lāāts, Kaspars Lagzdiņš, Vissams Rafaels, and Uģis Zariņš.

Specialization and types of offered surgeries:

  • All types of osteosynthesis – in case of fractured pelvis, long tubular bone, hand, foot and other bones;
  • Endoprosthetics of large joints;
  • Surgical treatment of bones, soft tissues, benign and malignant tumours, metastases;
  • Surgical treatment of foot deformation and orthopaedic diseases;
  • Surgical treatment of contractures, formations of hand fingers;
  • Minimally invasive /arthroscopic/ surgeries of knee, foot and shoulder joints.

Possibilities of conservative treatment;

In case of orthopaedic diseases, after specialist’s consultation the patient can undergo a course of conservative treatment:

  • Medicated therapy course;
  • Injection of medicinal products into joints, blockages, etc.;
  • Different medical electrical procedures;
  • Physical treatments;
  • Massage.

Manipulations performed by traumatologists for patients in the In-patient Department “Gaiļezers”:

  • Removal of an external fixation device;
  • Removal of an external bone fixation;
  • Blockages (injections) in joints;
  • Putting of plaster splints or bandages;
  • Placement of a joint stabilization bandage;
  • Removal of a plaster splint;
  • Treatment and bandaging of wounds, removal of threads from wounds.

In order to register for an out-patient consultation by the specialist:

call on (+371) 67000610