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Neurologists of the In-patient Department “Gaiļezers” specialize in the following diseases:

  • Epilepsy (Prof. Egils Vītols, Dr. Elvīra Smeltere, Santa Ašmane, Elita Kriķe, Evita Šlosberga);
  • Memory disorders, neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and other dementia types (Ieva Paegle, Rūta Ozoliņa);
  • Movement disorders; Parkinson’s disease, muscle dystonia (Dr. Elvīra Smeltere, Natālija Račova, Elita Kriķe, Daiga Krūpena, Sandra Ārmane);
  • Dizziness, hearing and balance disorders; pain (headaches, pain in the face or limbs, back-aches) and other feeling disorders; muscle weakness (in the face and limbs); post-stroke condition, cerebrovascular diseases; condition after head injury, brain tumour, meningitis, encephalitis (Valda Akermane, Sandra Ārmane, Iveta Barkāne, Iraīda Golubeva, Dace Dzirkale, Larisa Jansone, Elita Kriķe, Daiga Krūpena, Rūta Ozoliņa, Ieva Paegle, Natālija Račova, Evita Šlosberga, Dr. Elvīra Smeltere, Bituta Tilgale);
  • Muscle hypertonia (spasticity) – botulinum toxin injections (Prof. Valdis Keris);
  • Multiple sclerosis (Lana Vainšteine, Ieva Zimaiša).

In the In-patient Department “Biķernieki”, patients are consulted by a certified neurologist Nelda Eglīte, in the In-patient Department “Linezers” – Inta Ziediņa.

Patients have access to all the necessary diagnostic examinations – electroencephalography, neurography and neurometrics, duplex dopplerography of brain blood vessels, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance.

In order to register for an out-patient consultation by the specialist:

call on (+371) 67000610