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Modernised premises of the Rehabilitation Clinic of the East Hospital have been opened – patients are provided with comfortable conditions for recovery and care

The renovated and modernised premises of the Rehabilitation Clinic at the Clinical Centre Bikernieki were inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Health Hossam Abu Meri, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Republic of Latvia Anatolii Kutsevol, the Board of Riga East University Hospital (East Hospital), managers, doctors, medical staff and other employees of the hospitals and clinical centres. The remodelled facilities provide comfortable conditions for recovery and care, and help patients learn new skills in a much shorter period of time – how to care for themselves independently and return to their normal lives after major surgery or severe health issues.

The renovation and modernisation project of the Rehabilitation Clinic of the East Hospital at the Clinical Centre Biķernieki has been completed, providing patients with comfortable conditions for recovery and care and the necessary technical aids, allowing them to learn the skills necessary for life after disease more quickly. The future strategy of the East Hospital for planning of the centralisation of the majority of clinical centres envisages the development of the rehabilitation segment at the Clinical Centre Biķernieki. Therefore, the East Hospital continues to invest in the development of the hospital infrastructure, adapting the premises for special groups of patients with functional limitation in order to provide a comprehensive set of healthcare services that will be concentrated in Biķernieki.


At the inauguration of the renovated Rehabilitation Clinic Hosam Abu Meri, Minister of Health, said: “Every day I am convinced that we do not have to be ashamed of healthcare in Latvia. We have much to be proud of! We have excellent doctors, technology, and knowledge, and I am confident that we will soon reach the highest level in all our region. We just need to keep working and be confident.”

The East Hospital acts as a long-term partner for the reception, treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers severely injured in the war – 284 Ukrainian soldiers have been admitted to the East Hospital and 60 to the Rehabilitation Clinic since the beginning of the war initiated by Russia. That is why the grand opening of the clinic premises was also attended by Anatolii Kutsevol, Ambassador of Ukraine to Latvia, who said: “I have spoken to several soldiers who are undergoing treatment here and they tell me they feel like at home. I am convinced: if people feel like at home, they recover faster. I would like to express our gratitude for your essential and sincere support in the treatment and rehabilitation of our soldiers so that they can feel better both physically and mentally! ”

At the Rehabilitation Clinic of the East Hospital, medical rehabilitation services are provided to patients by multidisciplinary teams – doctors of physical and rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, art therapists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and nursing staff specialised in providing rehabilitation services. The modern and functionally equipped premises of the Rehabilitation Clinic provide inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient services.

Normunds Stanevičs, Chairman of the Board of the East Hospital, said: “The role of rehabilitation in healthcare is immeasurable. It is an essential part of the road to recovery and well-being. Due to the enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment of our staff, the renovated clinic has acquired the quality and equipment to help patients learn the skills they need to recover and staff to make it much easier to care for patients in their everyday work. That is why I am very proud of our team of experienced and caring professionals whose knowledge and skills ensure that our patients receive the best care possible.”

The reconstruction and renovation of the premises at the Clinical Hospital Biķernieki will not only significantly improve the quality and accessibility of rehabilitation services, but also mark the development perspective of the hospital within the long-term strategy of the East Hospital. The project includes the complete reconstruction of the Rehabilitation Clinic, combining all rehabilitation services on one floor, the renovation of the outpatient ward, and the reconstruction of the Diagnostic Radiology rooms, doctors’ offices, and corridors on the 1st floor. A ramp at the central entrance and a new front elevator have been built, which help and significantly relieve the everyday work of the hospital staff, e. g., when transporting severely ill patients to the medical wards, for examinations or to the operating theatre.

Professor Haralds Plaudis, Member of the Board of the East Hospital, emphasises in this context: “This is an extremely important step. You need a house to feel good. Opening this ward is the next step to make every patient and every staff member feel at home here. And then many good ideas will come true and be implemented. The project of the Rehabilitation Clinic is a step towards the Hospital of the Future, because we are consistently moving towards having rehabilitation in all hospitals, but we see the Clinical Centre Bikernieki as the main location to develop rehabilitation services in order to provide patients with the most appropriate care and rehabilitation from the very first day they enter the hospital. ”

More than 400 patients receive inpatient rehabilitation services at the East Hospital every year, and the average waiting time for this service is less than one month. Patients are selected and booked for inpatient medical rehabilitation by a doctor of physical and rehabilitation medicine. The medical condition of these patients at the time of admission is characterised as severe. Most often, the patient is bed-bound and fully or partially cared for. The medical rehabilitation services at the 24-hour hospital are mostly provided to patients who have undergone treatment at one of inpatient units of the East Hospital, such as patients who have suffered strokes, polytrauma (trauma from serious road accidents), cardiopulmonary diseases, as well as soldiers who have suffered very severe functional and mobility limitations as a result of the war in Ukraine. Most often, these patients need to maintain or improve the functioning of their injured body parts. Equally important is learning to adapt and improve self-care activities.

The round-the-clock inpatient wards of the Rehabilitation Clinic are adapted to allow patients with various functional impairments to move as independently as possible within the ward and to attend rehabilitation therapies.

The services of the Rehabilitation Clinic’s day-care facility are available to patients with functional impairments resulting from acute or chronic illnesses. During the rehabilitation phase of the day-care facility, the patient receives multiprofessional rehabilitation, which includes at least three rehabilitation specialists sessions every day. “Most of patients already in the sub-acute phase of rehabilitation. They need to restore their ability to work in order to achieve or regain independence in their everyday life in a relatively shorter period of time. Until now, soldiers injured in the war in Ukraine have also received rehabilitation services at the day-care facility in order to improve their motor functions and, at the same time, gain greater independence in various daily activities,” explains Illa Mihejeva, Head of the Rehabilitation Clinic.

The new premises of the Rehabilitation Clinic help to separate inpatient and outpatient flow. In the day-care facility and outpatient department, specialist rooms have been designed to provide patients with a wider range of rehabilitation therapies. There are spacious therapy rooms – an occupational therapy room, physiotherapy rooms and other treatment rooms. The construction of the day-care facility was designed to allow patients to recover in comfort in between rehabilitation sessions or after treatments.

The renovation of the rehabilitation clinic, the construction of the ramp and the new front lift were financed from the financial resources of the hospital. The total cost of the project, which includes design, field supervision, expert appraisal of the construction project, construction works, and supervision of construction works, is EUR 1,502,344.26 including VAT.

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