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The East Hospital rewards personnel in hospitals, clinics, and departments most appreciated by patients; new plans to improve patient experience

This week, the health sector around the world is celebrating International Patient Experience Week. That is why today, on 30 April, Riga East University Hospital (East Hospital) is awarding and honouring the personnel of the hospitals, clinics and departments that are most appreciated by patients. Successful patient experience is unthinkable without positive experience of the personnel and other parties involved, so with the main objective of achieving more effective clinical outcomes, the East Hospital plans to launch a series of activities in 2025 to improve the experience of the personnel and other parties involved by planning skills development activities for all personnel of the hospital.

One of the strategic priorities of the East Hospital is the development of the healthcare oriented to people and their needs. Therefore, since 2021, the East Hospital has started to measure patient experience (PE) in the form of a survey, which is the main tool for collecting and analysing patient feedback.

“Significant improvements require well-targeted work. It is clear that this is a never-ending process, and it requires the dedicated involvement and cooperation of all parties involved. We have to admit that the East Hospital is at the very beginning of our journey, but every step we take towards improving the experience of patients, personnel and our partners is essential. We are pleased with what we have already achieved, but more importantly, we are moving forward with ambitious plans to work constantly towards deliberately improving the experience of all parties through advanced models of communication, collaboration, and action, which we plan to implement gradually through training from 2025. But today, as part of the International Patient Experience Week, we are paying special tribute to the teams at the East Hospital who are most appreciated by our patients and their loved ones. We are grateful to the patients who took part and filled in the questionnaires, and we are grateful to our personnel who provide a prominent level of treatment and care every day,” says Normunds Staņēvičs, Chairman of the Board of the East Hospital.

A positive patient experience is not possible without successful experience of the employees, which is why the East Hospital plans to adopt and implement internationally recognised best practices by implementing various training programmes for personnel, improving internal communication, and encouraging more active employee engagement, thus delivering better treatment outcomes, and further improving the patient experience.

“One of the values of the East Hospital this year is humanity, which will permeate the human experience strategy that the hospital team is currently developing for the next five years. It is based on a plan to improve the experience of patients, their relatives, and employees. We are at the beginning of the journey, but I am sure that in the next few years, patients, their relatives, and employees of the East Hospital will definitely have a positive experience when undergoing treatment or providing everyday treatment and care for our patients,” explains N. Staņēvičs.

In 2023, 10,164 patients and clients who underwent treatment in hospital or received outpatient services filled in the PE questionnaire. Respondents expressed their views and gave their assessment on all the touch points that make up the experience of staying and being treated at the East Hospital: attitude of the personnel, support, cooperation, access to information, environment, and catering.

The performance of the personnel of the following clinics and department is particularly appreciated:

              For achieving the highest recommendation index (NPS) in patient experience surveys in 2023:  Clinic of Ophthalmology, Clinic of Thoracic Surgery and Invasive Pneumology, Clinic of Gynaecology;

–              The highest scores in patient experience surveys, category “Communication” in 2023: Clinic of urology and oncological urology;

–              The highest general scores in patient experience surveys in 2023: Department of Vascular Surgery;

  • For the efforts to improve the quality of patients’ meals in 2023:

Centre for Nutrition and Dietology;

  • For special commitment and assistance in improving the patient experience:

Client Management Team;

  • For special commitment and assistance in improving the patient experience:

MD, Head of the Clinic of the Emergency Medicine and Patient Admission Aleksejs Višņakovs and Deputy Head of Clinic Genādijs Ričards Rusanovs;

  • High evaluation from patients and patients’ relatives for providing person-centred care in 2023:
  1. Physician of the Clinic of the Emergency Medicine and Patient Admission  Guna Ziedone
  2. Nurse Elīna Jakovļeva
  3. Medical assistant Nikita Brikuns
  4. Healthcare facility receptionist for clients and patients Oksana Svikle
  5. Assistant physician of the Clinic of the Emergency Medicine and Patient Admission Dāvids Gvenetadze.
  • For special responsiveness, tireless help to colleagues and enthusiasm in everyday work: computer engineer Ludmila Griņevska.

PREMS or the national patient experience survey, introduced at the East Hospital since 2021, is the main tool for collecting and analysing patient feedback. The questions in the PE survey are standardised to allow analysis and comparison with international experience and best practice. They are guidelines in patient experience, which we can compare on a national level and with the best clinics in the world.

The results of the PE survey are evaluated in six main categories, covering all aspects of the experience: environment, communication, support, safety, information about the course of treatment after discharge and information received while in hospital.

In the interaction between the patient and the medical/care personnel, patients rated the doctors’ attitude highly, with 89.3% of the respondents indicating that it was respectful. The work and attitude of support personnel was also highly rated by 83.8%.

In 87.2% of cases, help was provided immediately after the medical personnel alert system was activated. A total of 71.6% of respondents have received the necessary help for pain.  Support in getting help (for pain or fear/anxiety) was rated 64.6% in total.

79.8% of patients received clear and comprehensive information about the further course of treatment after discharge from hospital. The majority of the survey participants or 80.2% understood how to take the prescribed medication when returning to their normal daily routine after hospital treatment. Equivalent results were also obtained when analysing whether the patient understood the information provided by the personnel during their treatment in one of the clinics. A total of 80.5% of all respondents fully understood the doctors’ answers and explanations about the treatment process. Patients also rated the communication and information of the nursing staff highly – 76.4%.

To mark the International Patient Experience Week, the East Hospital joins the international motto “Where Humanity Meets Healthcare”, with a special focus on the achievements made in improving the patient experience.

The opportunity to participate in the survey is offered to every patient of the East Hospital. An active link with the PE questionnaire is sent to the patient’s e-mail address or mobile phone after discharge from the hospital. The patient has 30 days after receiving the link to fill in PE questionnaire. A representative of the patient’s choice, such as a relative or a trusted person, can also fill in the questionnaire.

The East Hospital is proud of its colleagues, whose humanity, support, and information help every patient to feel better during the treatment.