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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygenation is a certified method of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation widely used in the world. During the procedure, the patient inhales 5 times more oxygen under increased pressure. The main indications for use are carbon monoxide poisoning, exhaust fumes, chronic non-healing ulcers, especially in diabetes, gas gangrene, tissue compression syndrome, necrotic soft tissue infections, circulatory disorders of the extremities.

Oxygen barotherapy reduces medication, increases muscle tone, improves the function of all organ systems and stabilizes the patient’s psycho-emotional state. The procedure treats many diseases associated with acute and chronic hypoxia.

The most common of them are related to:

  • cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, endocrinological diseases;
  • after plastic surgery, joint, bone trauma (osteomyelitis, necrotic soft tissue infections,);
  • eye diseases (with the recommendation of an ophthalmologist);
  • liver disease, including cirrhosis of the liver, the consequences of alcohol consumption;
  • diabetes mellitus and its complications (chronic incurable ulcers, visual, renal disorders);
  • poisoning, acute and chronic carbon monoxide poisoning (CO);
  • obesity (overweight), circulatory disorders of the extremities, compression syndrome, radiation tissue damage (after radiation therapy), burns, frostbite.

The clinic of toxicology and sepsis has two baroque chambers, the procedure is performed by a certified anesthesiologist resuscitator, barotherapy specialist dr. Viktors Saxons and certified anesthesia, intensive care and emergency care nurse Maija Kancāne. More than 1000 procedures are performed every year.

Dr. Viktors Saksons

Maija Kancāne

The procedure must not be performed if:

  • epilepsy, claustrophobia (fear of a confined space);
  • fever (body temperature higher than 38 degrees);
  • severe agitation, respiratory burn or barotrauma.

The main conditions for performing the baroque chamber procedure:

  • stable hemodynamics (blood circulation);
  • stable breathing;
  • arterial blood pressure ≤180 mm / Hg.
  • do not use externally greasy materials and oil for 12 hours before the HBO session.

The procedures are available in outpatients with and without a doctor’s appointment, also as a paid service. The average duration of the session is 60 minutes, the course includes 5-12 procedures. Before the first session, each patient is consulted by a doctor, who determines the number and duration of the procedure sessions based on the course of the diagnosis and pathology.

The baroque chamber is located in the premises of the inpatient “Gaiļezers” Toxicology and Sepsis Clinic on the 2nd floor, room. No. 30. If necessary, patients are welcomed in the registration room of the polyclinic.

Fee for one session 29.00 eur.

HBO consultation and application procedure: tel. 67042908

You can use an insurance policy to pay for the services

Riga East Clinical University Hospital cooperates with the following insurance companies:

  • Balta AAS
  • Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams AAS
  • Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group AAS
  • BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS
  • Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Latvijas filiāle
  • ERGO Life Insurance SE Latvijas filiāle
  • ADB Gjensidige Latvijas filiāle
  • IF P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle
  • Seesam Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle

Outpatient paid services are paid for by insurance companies on the basis of the price list of paid services and the terms of mutually concluded agreements. You can get additional information about the payment for medical services from your insurance institution.